Your Team Wants Your Coaching & Feedback

Without effective coaching, your team members may struggle to improve their skills and reach their full potential, decreasing motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction

.You may need to learn how to give feedback in a motivating and constructive way. 

In that case, you may unintentionally create a negative work environment, leading to conflicts and misunderstandings. Investing in your coaching skills is essential for creating a positive and productive workplace culture and helping your team members thrive personally and professionally.

Bench Coach Your Team to Success

Our workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to give direct feedback that motivates your team members and helps them reach their full potential.

  • Improved Coaching Skills: Develop advanced coaching skills that will enable you to provide effective feedback and support.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Engage in productive, constructive conversations that help your team members develop and grow, fostering a collaborative work environment.

  • Strengthened Leadership Abilities: Develop leadership abilities that will enable you to inspire and motivate your team members to achieve their goals.

  • Improved Employee Performance: Get the necessary skills to help their team members improve their performance and achieve their goals.


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Clients Who Are Building Winning Teams

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Our Workshops Follow Three Essential Steps

  • 1. Watch The Videos

    Combining 20 years of professional sports and business, we have created videos with prompts designed to work parallel to the workshops.

  • 2. Attend The Workshop

    Our workshops are practical and interactive. 1-day workshops taking place in London, Prague and New York. These take place at WeWork, facilitated by one of our elite trainers.

  • 3. Join The Community

    Join our online community and share your progress since the workshop. This is the best way to stay accountable and achieve your leadership goals.

Why Team Head Coach?

Become one of the most inspirational and influential leaders in your industry.

Your organisation's growth strategy relies on you and your senior leadership team. However, you may need to transition from an operational mindset to a strategic perspective. The Team Head Coach offers a solution to this challenge.

The Team Head Coach is your guide, guiding you through the three main areas for leaders transitioning into bigger roles: Performance, Coaching & Execution.

The Team Head Coach leadership course is unlike anything you've seen before. Our practical and participative workshops have group discussions, interactive activities, vital skills application, and time-bound projects tailored to your business goals.

You will learn from experienced leadership trainers and elite sports coaches, creating world-class leaders to unlock business growth.

You will undergo a transformation process, gain new skills and perspectives, and change your mindset from an operational to a strategic view.

You will return to your organisation with new skills and perspectives, ready to implement what you have learned and lead your organisation towards growth.

The Team Head Coach leadership course takes you from your current operational mindset to developing a strategic perspective. Through practical and participative training with experienced coaches, you undergo a transformation process, gaining new skills and attitudes that will enable you to unlock business growth.

Your Coach for This Workshop

Blending techniques from professional sports with real-world business

Andrew Sillitoe

Head Coach

Andrew Sillitoe is a business psychologist, performance coach, public speaker and author from London, England. Blending 20 years’ experience as an elite international sportsman and coach along with three published books and an acclaimed TED talk, Andrew’s innovative and straight-talking views on leadership, teamwork and strategy has resulted in his advice and guidance being sought after by key figures at several FTSE 100 companies. In 1997, Andrew made the move to Canada to pursue a professional roller hockey career and develop his coaching skills. He succeeded in both, becoming the first British player to play professionally while his thriving coaching business was born. In 2004, he moved into the corporate world as a sales and marketing consultant for Yellow Pages. In 2007, his unique and visionary approach in business saw him headhunted by a consultancy to speak about a “winning mindset”. It proved the spark that lit his future career path. Just a year later, he’d developed a new method to enable elite athletes and business leaders to fulfil their potential. This was the seed that eventually led to forming Team Head Coach in 2012.

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Course curriculum

    1. Why Bench Coaching?

    1. What, Where and When?

    2. Blindfold Experiment

    3. The A.I.D. Model

    4. Ask 'Then' Tell

    5. The Emotional Bank Account

    1. Take action & next steps

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